Tradebank of Huntsville Uses Barter to Increase Local Businesses Profitability

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LAWRENCEVILLE, GA (May 2, 2014) For Janice Autwell, a local business owner and Tradebank client, bartering has played a significant role in the success of her business for many years. Understanding the impact that Tradebank can make to a business’s bottom line, Autwell has become the new Owner of Tradebank of Huntsville and will look to introduce the barter concept to business owners throughout the greater Huntsville region. This announcement was made by Todd Gerry, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Tradebank International, Inc.

Tradebank markets businesses to its vast network of trading partners locally, nationally and internationally, bringing new business to their clients that they may not have received any other way. Autwell states, “Being able to make purchases with the new found revenue from business that I received from Tradebank, has enabled me to conserve my cash and increase profitability as a result. In today’s economy, having additional purchasing power to offset cash overhead expenses can make a tremendous impact on cash flow, freeing up resources that can be used in other areas of the business.”

Tradebank has offices throughout Alabama servicing the needs of their vast trading network including Tuscaloosa, Birmingham and Gadsden. “Having an established network of businesses already participating in the Huntsville region gives Janice a foundation on which to continue to build the local barter economy,” states Gerry. “As our markets throughout the state continue to grow, there will be a tremendous amount of trading synergies created between markets resulting in an increase in intrastate barter commerce and new business for our clients.”

“I look forward to assisting business owners become more profitable by incorporating barter, and Tradebank, into their business model,” states Autwell. “Having first-hand knowledge of the benefits of barter, my goal is to build the Huntsville trading network where businesses will think Tradebank first, before spending cash, with purchasing opportunities to cover all of our clients’ business and personal needs.

Are you looking to trade what you have for what you need, either for your business or to enhance your personal lifestyle? For more information about joining Tradebank of Huntsville, call 256-744-5678 or e-mail Janice at

More About Tradebank
Tradebank International Inc. (Tradebank) is a privately held international trade exchange founded in 1987, celebrating 27 years in the barter business in 2014. Headquartered in Lawrenceville, Ga., Tradebank has outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada providing opportunities for its Tradebank clients to barter their products and services. Tradebank earned the Consumers’ Choice Award in 2013 in the “Barter and Trade Exchange” category, making it the fourteenth time earning the award. Tradebank International Franchising Corporation is the entity that was formed for franchising the Tradebank International Inc. concept.

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