Promote on Tradebank Classifieds

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Generate additional Trade dollars at any time with this great tool. The easy-to-use interface allows you create and manage an unlimited number of free ads. You have inventory control as well as automatic posting of your sale with our new “Buy it Now” feature. Users can also post questions. Tradebank Classifieds offers you additional exposure and convenience because ads are … Read More

Escrowing Trade Funds with Tradebank

TradebankClient Trade Tips


Escrowing funds for contract work protects both the Buyer and the Seller.  Funds are escrowed pursuant to terms of a contract between the buyer and the Seller, and are released based on those terms.   The Seller is protected because funds that are in escrow cannot be used by the Buyer to pay for any other purchase and cannot be returned … Read More

Budget Trading and ON-Going Contracts

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Most businesses prepare an annual budget. For some it is very detailed/high-level and others it is merely a guideline. Regardless of the level of detail, here are some questions you need to consider in order to take advantage of trade: Am I willing to change vendors or would I prefer to maintain a relationship with the current supplier? How much … Read More

Ready to Travel? Tips for Utilizing Tradebank to Getaway!

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Tradebank’s Travel Network is a perpetual database of accommodations in our trading network. Tradebank’s Travel Network offers an array of properties from fishing and camping to mountain and beach properties. While Tradebank is not a travel agent, we are proud to have hotels, motels, resorts, fishing and hunting camps, bed and breakfasts, and condos available in the United States, Canada, … Read More

Tradebank International Holds Annual Conference

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On March 8th-10th, Tradebank International held their 2017 annual conference and regional meeting in Savannah, Georgia. The event took place at the Hyatt Regency on Bay Street, overlooking the beautiful Savannah River. On the first evening, Tradebank International hosted a banquet to present achievement awards for outstanding achievement. There was also a special dedication to John Davis, former CEO of … Read More

Tradebank of Atlanta wins Consumers Choice Award

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Tradebank of Atlanta has done it again. They have won the Consumer Choice Award (CCA) for Best Barter and Trade Exchange Company in Atlanta. This comes as great pride for the team after last year’s win. The new CEO of Tradebank, Valerie Brooker, stated  “The CCA is a consumer voted award, so really the thanks goes to our wonderful Atlanta … Read More

You Gain a Competitive Advantage with Tradebank

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Competition in today’s marketplace is stronger than ever. However, other businesses are not the only source of competition that exists today. Cash flow has also become one of the strongest competitors and represents a huge influence in decision making. Tradebank gives you both purchasing options and a competitive edge in the marketplace far beyond that which cash alone can provide. … Read More

Retailers Use Barter

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Retailers in today’s marketplace face competition not only from other independent local retailers, but also corporate big box stores. As a Tradebank client you add a powerful marketing arm to your company which guarantees to bring you new customers in addition to providing an avenue for you to move your idle inventory. The new customers you gain will be existing … Read More

Tradebank Puts Clients First

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Good business is all about integrity, trust, honesty and confidence. Tradebank distinguishes itself in the marketplace because we embrace those values when we deliver our barter services, and we have done so for 30 years. From our inception, Tradebank has put our clients first. We recognize we have a two part responsibility to Tradebank clients: to introduce you to new … Read More

Using Trade dollars to Bring You New Customers

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One of the best ways to use your trade dollars is to create additional cash business by using trade dollars to keep your name in the public’s eye with advertising and marketing campaigns. While your competitors are scaling back due to cash limitations, trading enables you to maintain and increase your presence in the marketplace far beyond what your cash … Read More