With Tradebank we can Add the “Extra” to make our Occasions Extra Special

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We all have special occasions and milestones in our lives. New babies, birthdays, proms, graduations, weddings, family reunions and anniversaries.  We all want to celebrate special occasions with the very best, but sometimes our ideas exceed our cash budgets. Tradebank helps bridge that gap between what you want to do and what you can afford to do ….with Tradebank you … Read More

Industry Veteran Valerie Brooker Takes Over the Reins as CEO of Tradebank

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Tradebank International, a recognized leader in the barter industry, is proud to officially announce, the appointment of Valerie Brooker to Chief Executive Officer. Valerie Brooker, a seasoned Tradebank executive, with over 20 years of barter experience, has operated in all facets of the company from overseeing general operations, media, marketing, technology, and brokering. In addition to the various roles, Brooker … Read More

Tradebank – Uncapping Your Barter Potential

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Tradebank - Uncapping Your Barter Potential

Tradebank provides you with unlimited opportunities for you to use the benefits barter offers to help you improve your cash flow, bolster your business and increase your personal prosperity. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use Tradebank to help you master the challenges you face. Establishing a solid and growing customer base is key to the growth … Read More

Why Barter Beats Coupons

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Everyone wants new business, but what risks are you willing to take to get it? Coupons can be a hit-or-miss marketing strategy, and often the new business doesn’t make up for the dollars spent on the campaign. Bartering offers new business for a nominal brokerage fee, which gives you a double advantage over a coupon campaign. First, you don’t pay … Read More

Georgia Chiropractor Shares His 19 Year Experience with Tradebank

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Edward Mascali, chiropractor in Marietta, Georgia, has been a member of Tradebank since 1997. He graciously agreed to let us interview him about his experience with Tradebank over the years offering his chiropractic services on trade. “There are two worlds when it comes to using trade dollars. One is the business community and the other is personal life. The biggest … Read More

International Medical Clinic Offers Services Through Tradebank

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We interviewed Dr. Mel Colon of International Medical Clinics about the medical services he offers on trade through Tradebank as well as how he uses Tradebank in his life and business. You may listen to the full audio here. Highlights from this interview are included below. At International Medical Clinics “we have many specialties and speak many languages. We cater to people … Read More

Stop Losing Money on Excess Inventory — Move It with Trade

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One of the frustrating things about business is having an inventory you can’t move. There may be various reasons why you could be stuck with unsold inventory. An author may have purchased a large quantity of books, only to have some left over after speaking engagements or book signing events. Boxes of books takes up storage space, get in the … Read More

Tradebank Wins Consumer’s Choice Award

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For the 15th year in a row, Tradebank has won the Consumer’s Choice Award. Tradebank was ecstatic to receive this award again for 2015. The Consumer’s Choice Award is an award given to small businesses that “exemplify superior customer service, integrity, and professionalism”,  according to their website. By only allowing nominations to come from consumers, the CCA recognizes and nurtures excellence through customer … Read More

Tradebank introduces New Cards

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New Tradebank Cards Tradebank introduces their new client card.   The new card provides each card holder on an account with their own unique card number. This new feature allows for enhanced security, ability to track purchases by cardholder and create different levels of access for each user on an account. The new card also incorporates a QR code to allow for … Read More