Announcing The New Tradebank Mobile Experience –  Available on iOS & Android

By John Perry Pellegrino

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of our brand-new Tradebank Mobile app, targeting a vastly improved, on-the-go barter experience for our members. Tradebank Mobile is free to download and available for all Tradebank members on both the Apple App Store or Google Play.

The new application provides a full visual overhaul and an optimized browsing experience. This experience can range from simply checking your trade balance, to discovering a new business ad in your local area and setting up a trade deal. With new implementations like a rotating ad carousel and filterable search buttons, our aim is to make it easier to stay up-to-date with what’s happening inside the Tradebank network; all at your fingertips!

At Tradebank, we’ve always prided ourselves in providing the best proprietary technology that we can to our members. The barter industry is evolving alongside upward digital trends, and those that utilize trade exchanges to grow and enhance their businesses are often looking for mobile-first or mobile-second solutions.

The new Tradebank Mobile app is built from the ground up, and serves to provide those solutions. A few key features and design changes are highlighted below. 

  1. Our new bottom navigation allows you to easily switch between sections such as our Directory and Marketplace in less overall taps.
  1. Visual layouts and colors feel more closely familiar to our online myTradebank experience. Content on pages, for example “My Account” and “Directory”, fall under more helpful labels and sections to improve organization.
  1.  Search and discovery inside Directory, Marketplace, and Travel should feel more intuitive with the new filters system. 

Simply put, the new Tradebank Mobile is a fun, yet efficient way for members to trade for what they want or need. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway, processing a transaction, or shopping for new products, load up the new Tradebank mobile app and discover all that we have to offer!

Key features with new launch include:

  • Brand new user interface and layouts
  • Improved navigation and faster response times
  • Optimized account information and management

These are just a few of the various updates, and a full list can be found on our app store pages under the “What’s New” section, Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

Be on the lookout for new videos, documents and additional resources that provide a full breakdown on the new Tradebank mobile app. Our mobile F.A.Q is available within the application today, and contains answers to some of the common questions you might have.

If you happen to experience any bugs or issues within the app, please reach out to your broker as soon as possible, or contact our IT Specialist, Sara Cherif at

For over 35 years, Tradebank has provided an opportunity for businesses to grow and expand through the bartering system. In a form of Cashless Commerce, two businesses use “Trade Dollars” instead of “Real Cash” to trade products or services.

Tradebank Mobile is the fastest, easiest way to discover new trading options. Browse the directory, find amazing products on the marketplace, and run transactions, all at your fingertips. Simply log in, and trade on the go!

Tradebank Mobile is free to download and available for all Tradebank members on either the Apple App Store or Google Play. Scan the QR codes to download above!

Visit the Tradebank website!