Back-To-School, Using Trade?

The Back-To-School season is in full swing. As you start planning for the school year, make sure you fulfill all your needs on trade! Here are some of the ways you can get started.

Get Supplies

Through the myTradebank Marketplace, you can find a wide range of school supplies available on trade. Goods such as pens, pencils, notebooks, and much more can be purchased using your trade dollars. And, with new items being uploaded frequently, you can find just about everything you need. Make sure you save your cash by visiting the Marketplace instead.

Schedule Appointments

Looking to schedule a doctor’s visit for the school year? Whether you need an eye doctor, physical, or even a consultant, you can find a wide range of health services on trade. And, with additional options available online, you can find flexible health options as well. Visit the myTradebank Directory to schedule your appointment today.

Find Tutoring

Receiving additional help for education is a key resource for any student. As the school year progresses, make sure you schedule tutoring on trade. With online and in-person appointments available, there are a variety of options including math, reading, and language just to name a few. Whatever your tutoring needs may be, visit the myTradebank Directory and schedule your tutor on trade today.

Whether you are preparing for back-to-school, or already have everything you need, there are still many resources available for you throughout the year. If you happen to need more writing tools, schedule a doctor’s visit, or tutors, these are also available. Make sure to visit myTradebank throughout the school year to fulfill all your school needs on trade!