Barter Brokers Develop New Ice Cream Flavor

By Valerie Hale


“More Rum” was the new ice cream flavor Tradebank Brokers Heather Kline (Tradebank of Knoxville) and Megan Witmer (Tradebank of Wichita) created to win the Tradebank/Ice Cream Show Create-A-Flavor event on Friday, February 2, 2012 in Chattanooga,Tennessee. Create-A-Flavor was part of Tradebank International’s 2012 Broker Convention. The event was co-sponsored with Tradebank client, Lynda and Roger Curtis, owners of The Ice Cream Show at 105 Walnut Street, in Chattanooga.

“The Create-A-Flavor event was a combination The Apprentice, Cooking Channel and Broker Training,” said Marcy S. Yaffe, VP of Trade for Tradebank International.

“Create-A-Flavor was designed to facilitate teamwork between Brokers whose primarily contact is via phone and email while showcasing the Broker’s skills in creativity, planning, marketing, and task execution, all characteristics of an outstanding Tradebank Broker. Creating a unique ice cream flavor was the perfect way for the Brokers to demonstrate their abilities, have fun, get to know each other better and enjoy great ice cream. The Ice Cream Show was the perfect venue in downtown Chattanooga.

Each team had access to several base flavors and hundreds of mix-ins they could use to create their unique blends. In addition, each team had to name their flavor, create supporting marketing materials and test market their formula before submitting it to the six judges for a final vote. The judges consisted of an employee of the Ice Cream Show, Tradebank Client Rufus Marye, owner of Chattanooga Double Decker Bus, and four customers of the Ice Cream Show. Each team was judged on appearance, taste, marketing effort, potential customer appeal and uniqueness,” explains Yaffe.

“More Rum” is a combination vanilla ice cream, fresh mango, vanilla wafers and two shots of rum flavoring all blended together. The creation will be featured at The Ice Cream Show during the month of February.

Each Tradebank client is a assigned a personal Tradebank Broker who assists them in expanding their trading opportunities with introductions to new customers and ways to make purchases with Trade Dollars rather than cash. Trading through Tradebank helps business owners increase their customers, improve cash flow and capitalize on under performing assets.


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