Ben & Lael: Beyond Luxury

By Julia Davis

If you haven’t heard of Ben and Lael, let me introduce you. This dynamic, powerhouse couple sets themselves apart from the crowd with their incredibly personal approach to business.

Ben Caldwell, a superb coppersmith, silversmith, enamelist, and sculptor, is the star of the show. With his beautiful home decor being featured in various publications, such as but not limited to – Oprah Magazine, Southern Living, and Town & Country, he has built his enormously successful business by making quality pieces that clients cherish in their homes for a lifetime.

With the help of his wife, entrepreneur extraordinaire Lael Caldwell, together they founded Ben & Lael Inc. in 1999. 

When I spoke with Ben and Lael about their relationship with Tradebank and the ways Trade has elevated their business, Lael put it simply – “a rising tide raises all ships”. Members for over 10 years, Ben and Lael have Traded for everything from a fence for their foster dogs to vacations for their family.

In addition to the obvious benefits of Trade for any business – gaining new clientele and offsetting cash costs – they are also quick to acknowledge the effect of Trade on their lives as human beings, not just as clients.

Originally a skeptic of organized Trade, Lael has changed her tune over the last decade by explaining that Tradebank “calls her to a higher place” and allows her to “serve her passions” by exposing her to other members that continue to uplift and support one another through Trade.

 In the end, it is not only the cash referrals and networking opportunities that they have received, but the bond they have created with other members through Trading that has added immeasurable value to their lives.

Ben and Lael have made their way into the homes and hearts of clients because of their products and have become a permanent fixture because of their generosity to serve other members beyond solely Trading. We are looking forward to seeing the ways they thrive in the next 10 years as Tradebank members.