Why Should I Trade Fairly? Your Influence on Others

Peyton KingClient Trade Tips

Why should I trade fairly? That guy isn’t! To some members, this thought may be running through your head. That “Why?” is ringing on a loop. The “Why?” is important. Trading fairly encourages fair trading. When trading, every member is required and expected to trade their goods and services at retail price. This meaning, their services or goods are not … Read More

Opportunities Available in Abundance on Trade

TradebankClient Trade Tips

The key to success is having options. Using Tradebank is that key to a vast abundance of these options and new opportunities. When you make a sale with Tradebank, your batter revenue is on the rise. While providing you with increased flexibility and agility  in your business and personal life, Tradebank provides you with options you wouldn’t have if you relied solely … Read More

Leverage Your Trade​

TradebankClient Trade Tips

Leverage Tradebank to assist you with time management. Time is worth more than money. You can always increase or replace your money, but you cannot replace or earn more time. Tradebank offers you many diverse opportunities to make best use of your time by working with your fellow Tradebank trading partners to help manage your responsibilities at work and home. … Read More

Compensate Your Employees Through Tradebank

TradebankClient Trade Tips

Establish an Affiliate Account today to compensate your employees with tradedollars. Pay salaries, incentives, sales bonuses, year-end bonuses, and other compensation to recognize and reward your employees without a large cash outlay. To set up an Affiliate Account, log into www.myTradebank.com and select the Manage My Account button. Then click Manage Affiliates and then select the link “Add new affiliate”. … Read More

Promote on Tradebank Classifieds

TradebankClient Trade Tips

DO YOU HAVE THAT ITEM THAT WON’T SELL? Generate additional Trade dollars at any time with the Tradebank Classifieds. The easy-to-use interface allows you create and manage an unlimited number of free ads. You have inventory control as well as automatic posting of your sale with our new “Buy it Now” feature. Users can also post questions.

Escrowing Trade Funds with Tradebank

TradebankClient Trade Tips

Escrowing funds for contract work protects both the Buyer and the Seller.  Funds are escrowed pursuant to terms of a contract between the buyer and the Seller, and are released based on those terms.   The Seller is protected because funds that are in escrow cannot be used by the Buyer to pay for any other purchase and cannot be returned … Read More

Budget Trading and ON-Going Contracts

TradebankClient Trade Tips

Most businesses prepare an annual budget. For some it is very detailed/high-level and others it is merely a guideline. Regardless of the level of detail, here are some questions you need to consider in order to take advantage of trade: Am I willing to change vendors or would I prefer to maintain a relationship with the current supplier? How much … Read More