Compensate Your Employees Through Tradebank

By Valerie Hale

Establish an Affiliate Account today to compensate your employees with trade dollars.

Tradebank offers Affiliate Accounts that can be established for your employees. Affiliate Accounts are used to pay salaries, incentives, sales contests, year-end bonuses, and other compensation that recognizes and rewards key employees without a large cash outlay. Best of all, they are free to set up.

Affiliate Accounts have their own trade account, Tradebank card, and access to Your account information is still secure and private.

Trade dollars are credited from the parent account into the employee Affiliate Account at the discretion and amount deemed by the parent account, with minimum transfers of T$100 to each established account. Payroll taxes on Affiliate Accounts are the responsibility of the parent account and employee.

For more information, contact your Tradebank Broker. To set up an Affiliate Account, log into and select the Manage My Account button. Then click Manage Affiliates and then select the link “Add new affiliate”.  It’s that easy!