International Medical Clinic Offers Services Through Tradebank

By Valerie Hale

IMG_7557We interviewed Dr. Mel Colon of International Medical Clinics about the medical services he offers on trade through Tradebank as well as how he uses Tradebank in his life and business. You may listen to the full audio here.

Highlights from this interview are included below.

At International Medical Clinics “we have many specialties and speak many languages. We cater to people who have no insurance or have a high deductible health plan. We smile when people come in. We truly listen to them and encourage them to ask questions. We treat every single patient like family.

We do a lot of community outreach, so if anyone has a church, school, business or organization that would like a health fair, lecture or screening, we can help. I am a foot and leg surgeon, but we have many specialties.”

How Dr. Colon Uses Tradebank

“I’m a very picky person and I really love Tradebank. The customer service is fantastic. I use it for restaurants for dinner, building a web site, plumbing and electrical work, putting in a new floor, putting in a new sign, and travel. I really love it.

“Tradebank has been great for the few empty spots we have. We’ve been able to put barter patients in there. Some of the barter patients have sent other barter patients, but also sent cash clients as well.

I especially like Tradebank. Some of the other barter exchanges don’t return calls.  They don’t have good customer service. I find Tradebank to be phenomenal. It’s the Ritz Carlton of barter exchanges.

New Exposure For His Business

“Tradebank members come into our clinic. Whether someone comes in with a foot or leg problem that I take care of or an orthopedic problem, bloodwork, EKG, MRI, we also have laser for people who want to lose inches. We have another laser for chronic pain. We do facials, some cosmetic work, and lymphatic massage.

Because we focus on people who have no insurance or high deductible, we accept barter for foot, ankle, and lower leg treatment at 100%. We also barter laser for inch loss. This laser is FDA approved. It’s safe, effective and painless and we barter that at 100%.”

Laser to Alleviate Pain Available on Trade

“We offer treatment using Aspen lasers on 100% trade as well. The Aspen laser alleviates chronic pain – pain anywhere in the body – joint pain, nerve pain, diabetic nerve pain, etc. It’s FDA approved, effective, painless and safe.

To give you an idea of how effective the Aspen laser is, “one of my patients is a 41-year-old personal trainer. She had ongoing neck pain from a car accident. She has tried various things including intense massage. She came in and had the laser done. She’s telling the world about it now because it’s helping so much.”

“I have another patient who had neck, back and shoulder pain for 20 years. Nothing has ever been able to help her – nothing – no orthopedic surgeon, no chiropractor, no massage therapy, no medication by mouth. We did the Aspen laser for her and she’s about 70% improved and very pleased. It’s really phenomenal. I’m thrilled to have it in my clinic.”

You  may visit Dr. Colon and his clinic online at . “We haven’t added the laser yet to the web site. We’re actually having our web site redone on barter.”

Foot, Ankle, and Lower Leg Treatment on Trade

IMG_7559“I’m a podiatrist and board certified foot and leg surgeon. I’ve found the foot to be the most neglected, most ignored, most misunderstood, most misdiagnosed, and most mistreated part of the human body. Yet it is one of the most important parts because in our lifetime, we’ll walk about 80,000 miles. Many medical problems show up on the foot first – diabetes, cancer, thyroid disease, anemia.”

“Common foot problems we treat are calluses, bone spurs, bunions, ankle sprains, ingrown nails, heel spurs, fungal toenails, fractures, burning or numbness or tingling in the feet, and skin problems. We treat anything you could imagine that is in the foot, ankle or lower leg. The foot is greatly neglected.”

“People are really afraid to go to a foot doctor because they’re afraid the treatment will be worse than the ailment.  I can tell you, in my hands, this is not true. We are extremely gentle. People are literally shocked at how easy it is to take care of foot problems and how it is a painless experience.”

Dr. Colon is happy to take calls at his clinic – 678-547-0000 or on his personal mobile – 678-522-2870.

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