How To Add A New Cardholder

By John Perry Pellegrino

If you’re looking to add a new cardholder to your Tradebank account, the best way to do so is through myTradebank.

  1. Sign in with your username (email) and password.
  2. Hover over your account information in the top right, and select Manage My Account
  3. From the main account page, select Manage Users
  4. Locate the Add New User link, and select it.
  5. Enter all the relevant information for your new card holder:
    1. Email, First Name, Last Name, Access Level, & Card option.
  6. Double check your information, and hit the Add User button.

All set! Your new cardholder will receive a “Welcome to Tradebank” email, and they’ll also be sent a User Information guide.

They’ll also have instant access to their digital card, viewable in the “Cards” section of their account, or on Tradebank Mobile.

Learn more about permission levels

When assigning a permission level, it’s important to understand what each option provides the user, or in this case, the cardholder.

Limited access means this cardholder will only have access to the purchases they make. They’re also unable to modify any account information

Full access means this cardholder has complete access to the account, including creating and managing cards and subequent users, managing features such as EasyPay, and they’re also able to view complete account activity.

There’s also a billing contact option. This is typically chosen if you’re adding an accountant. Billing Contacts are able to view account activity, update EasyPay information, make payments, and view various tax forms.

The Trading Contact permission level provides the cardholder access to view trade sales and purchases.