JD Motorsports Looks For Checkered Flag Finish By Partnering with Tradebank International

ATLANTA (May 10, 2012) — Tradebank International Inc. (Tradebank) and JD Motorsports announced today that they have entered into a comprehensive partnership whereby Tradebank will be the exclusive barter sponsor of JD Motorsports in NASCAR’s Nationwide series. Tradebank will be featured on both the No. 4 and the No. 01 car in every race throughout the rest of the 2012 Nationwide series. In addition, Tradebank will utilize its media division to bring additional sponsors to the JD Motorsports team.

JD Motorsports is a professional NASCAR racing team based in Gaffney, S.C., with over 50 years of combined racing experience. The team races in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and is owned and managed by Johnny Davis. It is coincidence that the founder and CEO of Tradebank International is named John Davis, Jr.; however there is no immediate family connection. Both Davises immediately recognized the value in their collaboration. Tradebank International, headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, has franchised and company owned barter outlets in over 50 locations throughout North America. This year also commemorates Tradebank’s 25th anniversary in the barter industry.

“In racing, the difference between first place and 43rd place can boil down to two seconds and $100,000,” explained Tony Priscaro, vice president of sales and Marketing for JD Motorsports. “Like all businesses, we recognize the value in attracting new customers and maximizing our cash flow. Our drivers and race engineering team have the technical ability and expertise to consistently win races. Our challenge is to obtain the revenue needed to allow our team to operate at peak performance. The extensive opportunities available through Tradebank assist us in building and maintaining solid sponsorships. Tradebank also helps provide us the additional revenue sources along with the products and services we need to excel.”

“Tradebank helps business owners become champions,” stated John Davis, Jr. “We are excited for Tradebank to assist JD Motorsports in becoming a top competitor in NASCAR.”

Tradebank’s expansive barter network assists companies in virtually all industries to fulfill their business goals. “Tradebank’s partnership with JD Motorsports brings an affordable and cost effective way for Tradebank clients, prospective clients and others to experience the benefits and excitement of NASCAR,” added John Davis, Jr. “Sponsorship opportunities are no longer limited only to those with multi-million dollar advertising budgets. JD Motorsports and Tradebank assist companies to expand and accelerate their marketing objectives through creative and effective advertising campaigns with distinct ROI.”

For more information phone 888-568-5680 or email myaffe@tradebank.com.

About Tradebank
Tradebank International Inc. (Tradebank) is a privately held international trade exchange founded in 1987 (now celebrating its 25th year). Headquartered in Lawrenceville, Ga. Tradebank has outlets throughout the U.S. and Canada providing opportunities for its Tradebank clients to barter their products and services. Tradebank earned the Consumers’ Choice Award in 2011, for the 11th consecutive time in the “Barter and Trade Exchange” category. Visit www.tradebank.com and Facebook/TradebankInternational for more information.

About JD Motorsports
JD Motorsports is headquartered in Gaffney, S.C. The JD Motorsports team is dedicated to becoming a top competitor in NASCAR events while developing and executing creative and effective advertising campaigns for its sponsors. As part of NASCAR, fans are provided with exciting entertainment and unique merchandise. Visit www.jdavismotorsports.com for more information. Become fans and “like” the team at Facebook/jdmotorsports01.


#4 Driver Danny Efland with John Davis, Jr., Tradebank CEO and Johnny Davis, owner of JD Motorsports

L to R--John Davis, Jr. Tradebank CEO with driver Danny Efland and Johnny Davis,owner JD Motorsports at Talladega

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