Local Company Offers New Way To Shop

By Valerie Hale

Posted by Carley Gordon

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – What if someone told you you could do all of your holiday shopping with out having to use cash or a credit card once?

A local company is claiming they can do just that.

Trade Bank is a business to business bartering network that allows business owners to sell their services or products to other people in the network. Instead of getting cash, they get credit towards other goods and services from other participating owners.

Director Dave Jones said they have more than 720 clients and they’re growing.

“Basically anything you want or need is available by bartering,” said Jones.

“We’ve got dentists on trade. I get the oil changed on my trucks on trade, chiropractors there’s everything,” said Tom Kosinski, the owner of Assured Heating and Air.

There are no taxes on services but they do tax goods. Plus you pay a 12 percent fee to the brokering company, but you eliminate store markups.

That’s enough of a discount for many to use Tradebank for all of their holiday shopping.

“I did it last year and I’m doing it again its wonderful,” Sharon Ingram, the owner or the Harpeth Arts Center.

In fact, Ingram is using Tradebank to plan her daughters wedding.

“Even her dress we’re going to be able to get on Tradebank,” said Ingram.

Ingram said, better than that, this new way shop is boosting her own business.

“It gives us so many opportunities to work with so many professional businesses that we have access to through Tradebank,” said Ingram.

“We start getting all these referrals and it just helps your business grow,” said Kosinski.

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