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Fee Structure
The above named business entity hereby applies to become a Client of Tradebank International, Inc. (TI). Upon submitting this application, Client agrees to pay TI at a percentage split of 80% (Client portion) to 20% (TI portion) on all sales and a monthly service fee of $15 in trade. Client agrees that rates or charges will be taken directly from the rate card at the time the advertising is placed or confirmed. All accounts with clients are non-preemptable. All parties noted above understand and agree that Tradebank will not place advertising without prior written notice for a client that is currently spending cash or within the past six (6) months has placed advertising for cash. Client has read the TI Client Agreement on the back side of this application or via a separate form provided to Client at time of acceptance of this agreement and the TI Rules & Regulations (separate form), acknowledges that they are acceptable and agrees to abide by them. The TI Client Agreement and TI Rules and Regulations can be found in the Library section at Client understands that final acceptance of this application shall be contingent upon the approval of the screening committee and category availability. If accepted, Client will receive identification card(s) by mail.

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