New Tradebank Franchise Owner, Lee Conner, Interviewed on Business RadioX

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Wednesday, July 17th,

Recently,  Lee Conner, the Atlanta West Franchise owner for Tradebank, sat down with Pat Stansbury with the National Foundation of Patriotism to have a conversation on the acclaimed radio show, Business RadioX.

They had an engaging and insightful conversation about

“Why would a company want to barter…what are the benefits?” “It enables you to spend less cash.”

He goes on to explain how you can earn trade, and make it “multi-directional”. Through taking what your business offers, whether it be coaching services, empty tables at your restaurants, open ad space, or even lawn care, you can turn it into Trade dollars. You can then take your trade dollars and put it into whatever you or your business needs, therefore, satisfying that multi-directional ability. All of a sudden your lawn care service has turned into a vacation for your family, a bonus for your employee, or advertising in the local guide. Through Tradebank, Lee explains how it, “Enables you to keep more cash in the business and improve your profit margins.”

Lee Conner/Tradebank

Tradebank is a nationwide B2B barter and trade exchange platform enabling the practice of barter between thousands of business owners and independent professionals. Headquartered in Cumming, Georgia, Tradebank is one of the largest barter exchanges in the world. Tradebank helps business owners grow their business through barter by improving their bottom line. They turn what you have into what you need. 

Pat Stansbury/National Foundation of Patriotism

The National Foundation of Patriotism is dedicated to increasing awareness about the meaning, message and mission of Patriotism in America and its relevance in the everyday lives of its citizens

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