STOP! Do you want to pay cash for that?

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STOP RIGHT THERE! Put down the plastic slowly…tuck your cash away…have you called your Broker yet? “No, no” you might be saying, “there’s no way this is on trade.” However, before you make your next cash purchase, you might just want to call your Tradebank Broker. You may be surprised that yes, you can get get that on Trade. After … Read More

Tradebank Mobile: The New App is Here!

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You’ve been asking for it for a while, and we have delivered. The new Tradebank Mobile app is here! As you may have seen, the app is running and hundreds of members have already downloaded it. The comments are flying in such as, “We use the app all the time…” “This app is long overdue!!! Love it” and “Everything all … Read More

Why Should I Trade Fairly? Your Influence on Others

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Why should I trade fairly? That guy isn’t! To some members, this thought may be running through your head. That “Why?” is ringing on a loop. The “Why?” is important. Trading fairly encourages fair trading. When trading, every member is required and expected to trade their goods and services at retail price. This meaning, their services or goods are not … Read More

Trade in the Community

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How are Tradebank Members Giving Back? In business, you rely on customers to keep you afloat. You need someone to buy your services or goods to help support you. The customers provide that. So when it comes to returning the favor, giving back to the community and charity is top of the list. For business owners who are a part … Read More

2018 Holiday Trade Gift Guide

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Oh the holidays, a time of love, happiness, family, friends, and good fortune…that creep up on you a lot faster than you think.Though the days of celebration can be enjoyable, the days leading up to them, are not. Gift buying and giving is a lot harder than it looks, and can be incredibly inconvenient for you. But what if you could … Read More

Use Barter to Recover Past Due Balances

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  Unless you’re a cash upfront business, you probably have customers with past due balances on their account.  These balances set you back. And that money you don’t have?  You can’t use it. As a business owner, you might even be wondering if you’ll ever get paid by past due customers. These balances can be a frustrating, but common, aspect … Read More

Opportunities Available in Abundance on Trade

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The key to success is having options. Using Tradebank is that key to a vast abundance of these options and new opportunities. When you make a sale with Tradebank, your batter revenue is on the rise. While providing you with increased flexibility and agility  in your business and personal life, Tradebank provides you with options you wouldn’t have if you relied solely … Read More