New Tradebank Franchise Owner, Lee Conner, Interviewed on Business RadioX

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Wednesday, July 17th, Recently,  Lee Conner, the Atlanta West Franchise owner for Tradebank, sat down with Pat Stansbury with the National Foundation of Patriotism to have a conversation on the acclaimed radio show, Business RadioX. They had an engaging and insightful conversation about “Why would a company want to barter…what are the benefits?” “It enables you to spend less cash.” … Read More

Found Money through Tradebank

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Do you have one-of-a-kind items you’d like to sell? Perhaps a treadmill that is currently being utilized as a clothes hanger (no judging here). Tradebank provides several platforms to sell your items; Tradebank’s Marketplace and through local Tradeflashes promoted by your broker. The Marketplace and Tradeflashes provide an excellent way to sell your one-of-a-kind items such as vehicles, golf clubs, … Read More

STOP! Do you want to pay cash for that?

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STOP RIGHT THERE! Put down the plastic slowly…tuck your cash away…have you called your Broker yet? “No, no” you might be saying, “there’s no way this is on trade.” However, before you make your next cash purchase, you might just want to call your Tradebank Broker. You may be surprised that yes, you can get get that on Trade. After … Read More

Tradebank Mobile: The New App is Here!

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You’ve been asking for it for a while, and we have delivered. The new Tradebank Mobile app is here! As you may have seen, the app is running and hundreds of members have already downloaded it. The comments are flying in such as, “We use the app all the time…” “This app is long overdue!!! Love it” and “Everything all … Read More