No Pressure With Business: The Power Of Networking

Finding new business can sometimes bring a lot of pressure. But with the help of networking and a good friend, new business can come easily. This was the case with Jay Potter, owner, and operator of Potter Powerwashing Pleasures.

At a recent Tradebank Event in Huntsville, Alabama, Jay Potter met Michael Coley of 256 ProWash. A fellow owner and operator in the same industry, Michael and Jay struck up a conversation. From there, they became good friends and offered to help each other.

Jay, who recently moved to Huntsville from Detroit, was looking to capitalize on the networking opportunity. And in his case, he did just that. With the help of Michael, Jay landed his first commercial job for his company.

This commercial job with Southland Transportation Group was no small task. Their commercial warehouse would prove to be difficult even for a single company to tackle. But with the help of Michael and 256 ProWash, both companies tackled the project together. This collaborative effort not only solidified their professional relationship but their brands as well.

This project led Jay to express his gratitude on Facebook, which caught the attention of Lisa Smith, regional owner of Tradebank Huntsville. With both Jay and Michael being members of Tradebank, Lisa highlighted this kind gesture on her Tradebank of Huntsville Facebook Group.

In her post, Lisa tagged and thanked both members for their involvement in this project. By expressing her gratitude, Michael left a comment soon after in response to the post. “Anytime bud. No one is a competitor if you work together!!”

As brand ambassadors for Tradebank, Jay and Michael are very much involved in their local Tradebank community. It is with this involvement that Michael offered to assist Jay in helping him get off the ground. Stories like these are what make the Tradebank Community so great. 

Tradebank provides something greater than just saving cash. Rather, it is a personal community with like-minded individuals who benefit each other daily. If you would like to learn more about how you can be a part of Tradebank, contact us today!