How Tradebank works for the Non-Profit Organizations

An additional source of revenue to help fulfill the needs of others.


Due to difficult economic conditions and the pressure of managing their own financial obligations, many people are not able to be as generous with their cash donations as their hearts may wish. 

In recent years the demand for supplemental services has increased more rapidly than the donations needed to support the groups they represent. 

When non-profit organizations participate in Tradebank they cultivate an additional source of revenue to help them fulfill the needs of others.

Tradebank clients who make donations with their Tradebank Dollars are able to express their compassion and benevolence far beyond what their cash budget may permit. This additional revenue is used by the charitable organization to reduce overhead expenses, assist with fundraisers, and provide direct support to those in need.

In the U.S., trade dollar contributions are treated in the same manner as cash contributions. Donations to 501(c)(3) organizations are tax deductible for the individual or company making the donation.

In return for your idle inventory or underutilized time, you can now use this new additional revenue on common overhead expenses such as advertising & marketing, printing, building and property maintenance, health care and employee incentives.

In other words, by bartering your products and services, you can now acquire your business and personal needs with trade and keep your cash in the bank.