We Love Referrals

Imagine when you pay for a product or service that is one of your favorites… Instead of pulling out your credit card, cash or a check, you get to use your Tradebank card and keep your hard-earned money in the bank?

Wouldn’t it be great if they joined us in the Tradebank family?

The Businesses We Are Loyal To

The Places We Love

Business Owners We Appreciate

When you make a recommendation to one of your favorite businesses to join Tradebank, it has a lot more credibility and creates a much higher chance of them joining, than a Tradebank owner cold-calling them. So yes, what you say matters.

Help Us Grow Tradebank

It’s easy.  Just mention to your network of business owners that you accept Tradebank and tell them how it works for you.  Are you saving cash and learning to trade?  Tell them. Then ask for permission to refer them as a merchant.  

When they open a Tradebank account, you will receive a referral fee of at least T$200 (trade dollars).