Tradebank Mobile: The New App is Here!

Peyton KingBarter News

You’ve been asking for it for a while, and we have delivered. The new Tradebank Mobile app is here! As you may have seen, the app is running and hundreds of members have already downloaded it. The comments are flying in such as, “We use the app all the time…” “This app is long overdue!!! Love it” and “Everything all … Read More

2018 Holiday Trade Gift Guide

Peyton KingBarter News

Oh the holidays, a time of love, happiness, family, friends, and good fortune…that creep up on you a lot faster than you think.Though the days of celebration can be enjoyable, the days leading up to them, are not. Gift buying and giving is a lot harder than it looks, and can be incredibly inconvenient for you. But what if you could … Read More

Georgia Chiropractor Shares His 19 Year Experience with Tradebank

Valerie HaleBarter News

Edward Mascali, chiropractor in Marietta, Georgia, has been a member of Tradebank since 1997. He graciously agreed to let us interview him about his experience with Tradebank over the years offering his chiropractic services on trade. “There are two worlds when it comes to using trade dollars. One is the business community and the other is personal life. The biggest … Read More

I purchase everything wholesale. Why would I want to buy products and services via Tradebank?

Barter FAQ

Many Tradebank clients have established long-term business relationships. Tradebank doesn’t require that you change your relationships. We help you expand your customer and supplier network. Because few businesses can get everything they need wholesale (such as advertising, airline tickets, restaurant meals, or contracting services), Tradebank is a great way to conserve cash by trading for the items for which you … Read More