Tradebank Celebrates New Orlando Franchise

By Valerie Hale

ORLANDO, FL – Since 1987, Tradebank has been a known leader in the bartering community. Yet again, they are expanding their reach across state lines. Tradebank proudly announces the recent purchase of Tradebank of Orlando.

Tradebank of Orlando is a family-run operation headed up by the husband and wife team, Tony and Amy Boni. Married for 22 years, with three children aged 18, 14, 12, the team is focused on community and inspired daily by their own at home. 

Tony expressed, “Tradebank of Orlando is the both of us, we’re going to run this as a team and build this together”. In addition to their time at work, their entire family joins together to volunteer and strengthen their community as a whole. 

Tony, Amy, and their children join together to volunteer at Church, their Christian help center, rotary, and other community outlets. They continued to share how they are coming from extensive backgrounds with over thirty years in a variety of industries. 

These industries include sales, corporate travel and administration, Human Resources, and a special background in opening new offices around the country. Using the variety of skill sets from these roles, Tony and Amy are focused on what they described as the “key” to their success, “good relationships”.

With the growth into this existing community of traders and established businesses, Tradebank of Orlando is excited to, “take Orlando and build it to where it used to be, bring on a great clientele, and build a steady business.”

This is a long-term process. Then, speaking to our current economic climate the team said, “Building businesses back up is going to change, and Tradebank is a great way to rebuild from the impact of the pandemic. Through trade, there is a different way of bringing cash in.” 

Orlando members will enjoy diversified trading possibilities as the preexisting local networks merge together and connect more businesses. Together, Tradebank of Orlando will utilize its community-focused initiative to stabilize businesses looking to grow.

To echo these sentiments, Tradebanku’s CEO, Valerie Hale, shared that Tradebank is excited for the opportunities available to businesses, trade is turning business around in these unprecedented times”. Recently, Tradebank has welcomed 4 new regional owners, making barter available to new communities and hardworking business owners. 

The Tradebank family as a whole is excited for the growth and success to come from this new Orlando franchise. Together, they will create and emphasize the mission to provide their members with solid, prosperous trading opportunities that improve their bottom line.

About Tradebank

Tradebank is a major nationwide retail and corporate trade exchange system, networking together thousands of progressive companies who understand and use barter as part of their everyday marketing plans. Offering over 100,000 products and services, they join business owners with their personal brokers to facilitate successful barter. 

As one of the industry’s leading trade exchanges, Tradebank has helped companies complete more than three million trade transactions, each one helping their clients conserve cash and improve their bottom line. 

For inquiries or additional information about Tradebank or starting your own Tradebank franchise, please contact their Georgia-based headquarters at (678) 533-7100.