Tradebank Expands Barter Network To Oklahoma City

By Valerie Hale

OKLAHOMA CITY (April 26, 2010) Tradebank of Oklahoma City opened its doors this week to offer local businesses new ways of saving cash by utilizing barter. Andrew Muchmore of Edmond, Okla., is the Regional Owner of Tradebank International’s newest region. This announcement was made by Todd Gerry, President of Franchising for Tradebank International Franchising Corporation, who oversees both the daily management of Tradebank’s franchising operations and the company’s 55 regional franchise offices across the U.S., as well as international operations in Canada and East Central Europe.

Muchmore is looking forward to educating local businesses on how to barter for products and services they would otherwise pay cash for. “There is always a need for barter representation in any city as it helps create an additional stream of income for businesses,” he stated. Previously a real estate manager and 11-year owner/operator of a bowling center, Muchmore realizes now how bartering with a trade exchange would have benefited him in those endeavors. “If I knew what I know now about barter when I was building the bowling center’s business, I would have been very active in it,” he said. “I had tried one-on-one barter, but it was cumbersome and I found that I’d often settle for products or services I wasn’t really in the market for. With Tradebank, bartering is favorable for both parties.”

“Tradebank of Oklahoma City will work closely with successful neighboring franchises in Kansas (Topeka, Wichita, and Lawrence) and NW Arkansas (Bentonville) as well as the other regions within Tradebank,” commented Gerry. “Andrew is coming into a great situation and we foresee much success in his endeavor because we know he will deliver world-class service to our clients.”

Muchmore grew up in Ponca City and earned a degree in journalism from Oklahoma State University. He now lives in Edmond and is married with four children. Besides growing barter in his new region, Muchmore is also excited to find a trade client to help him restore his 1969 Corvette.