Tradebank of Charlotte Voted Best of Charlotte

By Valerie Hale

Contact: Paula Chapman

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Press Release


Tradebank of Charlotte voted Best of Charlotte

Directory chooses local franchise as Best Business Barter Group.

Tradebank of Charlotte has received recognition as the best Charlotte Business Barter Group.  “We are very happy to see that the business community understands the value of barter.  In these challenging times, small business owners have to be more creative in how they sustain themselves” says Sindo Mayor, owner of the regional company.  “Barter or trade is a terrific tool for companies with available inventory or services. When a business accepts payment in trade dollars instead of cash, it maximizes their efficiency by increasing inventory turnover or billable hours. Using the trade dollars earned, that company can purchase goods or services they want – without paying cash.”


The Tradebank of Charlotte franchise, located at 646 Mathews Mint Hill Road, has over 255 members offering everything from personal services such as eye care to advertising opportunities for businesses.  Tradebank International, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, has over 12,000 members.


Rated Best of Charlotte is a local directory that publishes reader’s choices for their favorite business establishments.