Tradebank of Omaha Continues To Grow

By Valerie Hale

I spent the month of June on the road visiting several of our Tradebank offices and meeting with our barter clients.  I started my travels in Omaha. Aubyn Fowler is our Regional Owner there and Aubyn has an excellent business relationship with clients.

While in Omaha, I was fortunate to meet Michelle Kaiser owner of Alotta Brownies bakery in Fremont, NE. Michelle is an advocate for the benefits of Tradebank and promotes Tradebank to every business owner she encounters. Michelle is playing an instrumental role in helping Aubyn introduce barter and Tradebank to business owners in the Omaha area and expand the Tradebank client base in Omaha. Visit for more information on the wonderful confections Alotta Brownies make.

Nick Petrow owner of Petrow’s Restaurant is another Tradebank client and pillar of the Omaha business community. Petrow’s has been a favorite Omaha restaurant for over 50 years. Nick truly understand his customers, how to inspire loyalty and draw new customers without resorting to costly deep discounting with coupons. For Nick, providing an affordable, consistent, enjoyable dining experience is what keeps  customers loyal to Petrow’s generation after generation. Nick has also successfully incorporated Tradebank as part of his overall marketing plan. Nick understands barter and Tradebank is proud to have him part of our trading network. is their website.

Omaha is a great city, clean, easy to navigate and there are many opportunities to use Tradebank Dollars there. For more information visit

by Marcy S. Yaffe, VP of Trade, Tradebank International