Tradebank of Omaha Reaches 100 Clients Benchmark – Tradebank International 06/02/09

By Valerie Hale

Todd Gerry, Sr. VP of Marketing, announces that Tradebank of Omaha has reached the one hundred (100) clients benchmark.  Gerry states, “Aubyn Fowler, Regional Owner of Tradebank of Omaha, has done a tremendous job of communicating the benefits of Tradebank in the Omaha marketplace and providing world-class service to her clients resulting in increased profits for local business owners.  The improved cash flow and increased cash profits Tradebank clients are realizing are critical to their businesses’ vitality in today’s economic climate. Aubyn is really starting to get some wind in her sails and we look forward to assisting her in the continued development of the Tradebank of Omaha region for many years to come.”