Tradebank of Wichita to Expand Barter Locally

By Valerie Hale

New Regional Owners Eager to Help Businesses Save Cash 

WICHITA, KS (May 29, 2013) Edward Fox and Jamie Pegg are the new regional owners of Tradebank of Wichita, a franchise outlet of Tradebank International Inc. (Tradebank) that offers business owners a way to barter goods and services for the purpose of saving cash. Fox and Pegg acquired the Wichita franchise from Trudy and John Schott. The Schott’s are one of Tradebank’s founding franchisees and have developed the Wichita franchise into a thriving barter economy that continues to assist businesses increase profitability.

“Jamie and I are excited to continue building where Trudy and John left off,” said Edward. “We are taking over the operation of a vast trading network that we will continue to grow to reflect the needs of our growing client base.  Barter will continue thrive in Wichita as we look to educate the business community on the benefits Tradebank can provide their businesses.

“Additionally,” added Jamie, “since Tradebank has a network of offices in 15 other states, as well as an international presence, we expect trading activity in Wichita to grow exponentially.” Edward will primarily be responsible for the management of new business development for Tradebank of Wichita while Jamie oversees the daily management of the existing client base.

Fox has a background in the publishing business and currently owns Coffee News of Metro Wichita.  “My experience in the publications industry has provided me the knowledge on the fundamentals of barter,” Fox said. “Bartering in the media industry is fairly common (from billboards, magazine ads, trade show promotion, etc.). Turning excess capacity into new found revenue is something all businesses should be looking at in today’s economy.”   Benefits of trade include:

  • New business on a continuing basis
  • Lowers overhead costs
  • Conserves cash flow
  • Increases profits
  • Referrals from clients bring new cash customers

“Ed and Jamie will do an excellent job of continuing to introduce barter to business owners throughout the Wichita marketplace.” remarked Todd Gerry, president of Tradebank of International Franchising Corporation. “Both are passionate about helping others and believe strongly in the impact that Tradebank can make to bottom line profitability as they have lived it.”

Tradebank is a global trade network that assists companies of all sizes to convert what they have into what they need using a means of exchange called the Tradebank Dollar (T$). Employed as a financial tool, Tradebank assists companies across a variety of industries to increase sales and conserve cash while still obtaining the products and services they need to run their business. For more information on how to join Tradebank of Wichita, call 316-683-0132 or email