Tricks of the Trade: How Tradebank of Huntsville is Taking Barter to Heart

HUNTSVILLE, AL – Back in December of 2019, the Tradebank community in Huntsville gained a new regional owner. Lisa Smith, a retired registered nurse, and business networking extraordinaire, has taken the reins. As a business owner herself, she first encountered Tradebank as a member.

For her, Tradebank was a great opportunity to conserve cash for my business, and network with a new group of people. She knew that trade was a winner, and it quickly became a major facet of her business.

The Offices at Spenryn, Madison’s premier Co-Working Center thrived. Soon after, Smith navigated into a broker role, and then into a Regional Owner for Huntsville. For her, she cares about the businesses around her; “Tradebank provides some significant opportunities for me to help other business owners through trade.”

After taking over, the swift building of the region began and is ongoing. They are actively adding new members every month. For Tradebank of Huntsville, they are growing as a community and as a Tradebank Team. Not long after settling in, Katy Murphy joined as a broker. And more recently they have added two Sales team members: Freda Anderson and Pamela Bays.

From there, they have established a wonderful ambassador program sticking true to their theme that they are all in this together. Smith shares, “training the team members and building the community, that is my favorite part of all of this.”

Despite the impacts due to COVID-19, the region is moving forward. Smith says, “everyone has been highly impacted, the true test in all of this is you can go backward or forwards, we are still moving forward, that is my only option for us.” They are not slowing down no matter what is thrown their way.

As they continue to navigate the ever-changing business world, Smith has a plan. “I have set 5-year goals and beyond, I am looking forward to a lot of growth in our region. Mainly, a lot of relationship-building between Tradebank and the members themselves.” Past that, Tradebank of Huntsville is looking for new members that the community will benefit from. She shares, “2019 is great to get a new member, but it’s fantastic to get a member that everyone needs.”

When it comes to what drives her, “[Connections] are what gets me out of the bed each morning, how did I connect with someone today? I make daily notes from every business owner I connect with. At the core, it’s all about making that human connection.”

Currently, the Huntsville region is averaging eight to ten new members a month. Thanks to Tradebank of Huntsville’s welcoming community, everyone is excited and eager to trade.

About Tradebank

Tradebank is a major nationwide retail and corporate trade exchange system, networking together thousands of progressive companies who understand and use barter as part of their everyday marketing plans. Offering over 100,000 products and services, they join business owners with their personal brokers to facilitate successful barter.

As one of the industry’s leading trade exchanges, Tradebank has helped companies complete more than three million trade transactions, each one helping their clients conserve cash and improve their bottom line. For inquiries or additional information about Tradebank or starting your own Tradebank franchise, please contact their Georgia based headquarters at (678) 533-7100.

For Huntsville, please contact Lisa Smith at (256) 850-2001.