To access your account, please go to and login with your email address associated with your previous Bartercard account.

An email was sent on Monday, August 27 that provided a link to establish your new login information to our client portal.

This site will give you the opportunity to explore our trading community and the abundance of trades available to you.

What can I do on MyTradebank?

  • Search through our location/keyword based directory
  • View/post new classifieds and specials posted by members everyday
  • Post Transactions
  • See your Trade balance and cash fees owed
  • Change your account settings such as managing cardholders, adding/removing users, changing your payment settings
  • Make requests/create wishlists for your broker to see
  • View your account activity to monitor the purchases on your account, cardholder activity, and statements.
  • Browse our library and FAQs section

After logging into the site, you will be introduced to our home page. Our homepage will provide you with various selections based on what you may be looking for.

How to navigate MyTradebank:

To explore the options in your area, click on the tab on the far left labeled, Directory.

Then, through the Directory option, you will be able to view available clients near your preset location. To change the location or keyword, locate the keyword search box as shown.

For a location change, click on the Green Highlighted City above the search box. The click will take you to a page stating Change Search Location. From here, you should see two green icons, below a rectangular search box. You can enter your location in the search box, and click Save Location, to save a specific location. If you wish to use your current location, you have the option to detect your location from the site. Click the second Green Button stating, Detect My Location, to have the computer detect your location.

From here, you can go back to the Directory tab, as shown above, to search in your selected location.

When searching, you can search for anything you may be looking for with your keywords. If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact your broker for assistance.

Within MyTradebank or MobilePay you can process your transactions. These transactions need to be run at the time of completing or receiving services. If you want to post a transaction, you can do so immediately. Look to the top of the MyTradebank website, underneath your name, and click the words Post a transaction in green lettering.

Your broker will be able to assist with the many features and functions that come along with MyTradebank. For more information on how to navigate the site, and find new trade opportunities, please contact your broker. You can also find the trading rules, tips, tricks, and FAQS below at the bottom of the webpage.