You Lucky Dog Rescue: A Paw’s Tale

By Julia Davis

Growing up, my dad had one of the sweetest Yorkshire Terriers I can think of to this day. A bundle of hair to cuddle on hot afternoons and a four-legged companion to walk to the playground with after dinner, Ginger was everything to me. All of this to say that no matter the circumstances, dogs sneak into your heart when you least expect it and stay there forever.

This is exactly what happened with Tradebank of Atlanta’s Lee Conner when he adopted his dog, Bandit, from You Lucky Dog Rescue.

Bandit had been abandoned in an upscale neighborhood in Alpharetta when he was just four months old. After wandering into a backyard barbecue party, he caught the eye of one guest in attendance: a volunteer with You Lucky Dog Rescue. 

An incredible non-profit organization, You Lucky Dog Rescue is dedicated to the rescue of homeless and abandoned dogs from the high-kill shelters of North Georgia. After finding Bandit, the volunteer quickly took him in and waited for a foster home to become available.

It was from there that Bandit was discovered by an elderly woman named Linda. As fate would have it, Lee had been occasionally helping Linda with her list of “Honey Do’s” around the house and planned to come out the morning after she welcomed Bandit into her home.

While dealing with a divorce and living in temporary housing, Lee was not looking for a dog. When he met Bandit that summer, the immediate bond they shared in their first meeting quickly changed his mind. As he left later that morning, Lee told Linda to “tell everyone I was going to adopt him” and quickly started the process he needed to bring Bandit home.

After a few short weeks of paperwork and inspections, Bandit had finally found his forever home. The rest, as they say, is history.

A non-profit organization close to Lee’s heart, You Lucky Dog Rescue is now a client of Tradebank of Atlanta. Their mission is clear: to help as many dogs as they possibly can through physical and mental rehabilitation. For more information on how you can help You Lucky Dog Rescue continue its mission, please contact your local Broker.