Your Restaurant & Barter?

As a restaurant owner, there are many avenues you can take to improve your business. When considering your options, the concept of barter may not even be something you consider. However, its benefits are far greater than you may realize.

So how can barter work for you and your restaurant?

One of its many benefits is by acquiring new customers through a trade network. With these new customers, they will simply fill otherwise empty tables, allowing you the opportunity to maximize your resources and showcase your restaurant to a larger audience.

Who is a reliable bartering platform?

When it comes to reliability, Tradebank is the right choice. By providing an exclusive network, you are given a platform to trade with other businesses. All you have to do is trade what you have, for what you need. Alongside the assistance of a Tradebank broker, you will find a wide variety of resources for both your business and personal needs.

So how does Tradebank work?

By utilizing a form of Cashless Commerce, “Trade Dollars” can be used to purchase and trade goods within the Tradebank network. This allows you to acquire goods and services you will need for your restaurant. Between bringing you new customers, acquiring your needs, and helping reduce your cash expenses, barter through Tradebank is a win-win for your restaurant. 

What are these goods and services you can acquire?

Within the Tradebank network, you can acquire advertising, cleaning, accounting, pest control, HVAC, equipment, baked goods, and so much more. As you purchase these goods and services, your exposure will grow. And with this comes the opportunity to find businesses you would have never found through other means.

So what are you waiting for?

Ready to learn more about barter and the benefits you will reap with Tradebank? Contact us to get started today!