Given today’s corporate and economic outlook, it is imperative that individuals start planning to secure their own personal and financial status. To get a better understanding of your current situation, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Why Franchise With Tradebank?

The Tradebank Franchise Opportunity is a chance to own your own business and be part of one of the fastest growing, most dynamic industries in the world: the barter industry. Barter is a business tool that can be used by virtually every business owner or professional – anyone that wants to conserve cash and increase profits.

The market is basically limitless – and the same can be said for your financial potential.

Your Tradebank Franchise will provide you with instant income, as well as important residual income. You’ll be part of a company that is using state-of-the-art proprietary technology to revolutionize a multi-billion dollar industry.

Today, Tradebank International is one of the world’s largest trade exchanges with offices across the United States. We are an ever expanding corporation that offers an excellent opportunity for franchise ownership in a creative and unique industry. Tradebank provides a step-by-step procedure to set up our Tradebank Regional Office and provides on-going, comprehensive training for you and your staff to ensure your success.

What our franchisees say about Tradebank

I was a Tradebank member for several years and realized a tremendous amount of benefit to bartering as it pertained to my business. When the opportunity came to me to purchase the Tradebank franchise, I knew I had to jump on it.
Jurgen Mootz
Chattanooga, TN
If you are looking for a business that provides both financial and personal rewards, I would highly recommend looking into the Tradebank franchise opportunity.
Mark Caldwell
Nashville, TN
The thing that I really enjoy about the barter industry is that it is applicable to every company regardless of the product and service they are selling.
Marc Davis
Knoxville, TN

Opportunity and a $20 billion industry await

As a Tradebank Franchise Owner, or what we call a Regional Owner, you’ll be building your Tradebank business with the thousands of businesses in your territory. Business owners and professionals may join Tradebank for a one-time fee and begin trading for business and/or personal needs.


Your Tradebank Transactions

Each time one of your clients makes a trade purchase, a 12% – 14% cash transaction fee is charged to the buyer at the time the transaction takes place. Transactions are processed on a 24/7 basis through and a credit or debit is posted to the appropriate accounts. The Corporate office does all the “back office” bookkeeping . Clients are provided with monthly statements reflecting each transaction and a yearly 1099 statement. Clients have many tools available to them at Clients can find seven years of account statements, a client directory with various search options, classifieds system, complete account access to manage new cards/users, track purchases by cardholder, online payments, and tools that allows the client to create online request that are instantly populated to their broker’s task list.

A whole new financial future

Your Tradebank franchise will provide you instant income, as well as important residual income. You’ll be fully trained and provided the tools you need to be successful. We provide a guaranteed protected territory. Plus, you’ll be on the cutting edge, part of a company that is using proprietary technology (no off the shelf barter software here) to revolutionize a multi-billion dollar industry.


Our Technology

We work diligently to provide the software tools to assist you in running a profitable franchise. We are always in ongoing development and improvement. We work around the request of our franchise owners to build our system. Some of the current standard features you can expect when managing a Tradebank Franchise – custom reporting that allows you to track all transactions, payments and overall client activity, deal tracking software, user friendly interface with detailed overview of your client’s activity in one click, manage and control client information and directory listings, client email management, client electronic notification system, full online resource document center and much more.

Back Office Support

We handle all account receivables, statement production, payment reminders, card production and distribution, client tax forms, client access to software, 24 transaction processing for clients, custom franchise websites and social media setup and ongoing support. This allows the franchise owner to concentrate on building the client base by focusing on new sales and trade volume.

How Tradebank Works?

In barter’s simplest form, two businesses exchange items of equivalent value. Tradebank, however, opens up a whole new dimension. Now you don’t have to find someone who simultaneously needs your product or service and has what you need. Only one trader’s need is required to start the process, and with the help a trade broker, everyone comes out with something they need. Click here for more information on how Tradebank works.